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Fun Things Families Do...Together

This great new e-book is all about fun family routines, rituals, and activities. It includes dozens and dozens of examples of how families have made their kids giggle, and smile and laugh and groan through the years! Talk about Quality Time!

And now with the economy in as bad shape as it is, low-/no-cost activities with the kids are even more important.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to bring a little more of that type of joy and delight into your home? Wouldn't tonight be a great night to start a few new special practices of your own? Well now you can. All you have to do is start paging through this delightful little e-book and find the family rituals that strike your fancy the most ... and away you go! It really is s that easy!

And just think of the fun you'll have reading through this wonderful little compilation with your kids. To quote Felix the Cat, "You'll laugh so hard your sides will ache, your heart will go pit-a-pat ..."

This e-book contains more than 110 fun family routines, behaviors, and activities - rituals that other families already practice - and have already enjoyed practicing. And now, they're collected for you all in one place and just waiting for you and your family to enjoy. What could be finer?!

Hello, there, and Welcome!

Hi. My name is Barry Zweibel, and I'm a certified business and personal life coach and founder of GottaGettaCoach!, Inc. Through the years, I've worked with all sorts of smart and capable people who wanted more from life and were willing to make that happen. And, perhaps interestingly, I found that no matter what their backgrounds - or their goals, for that matter - something that universally made them all happy - as in TRULY HAPPY - was when I had them reminisce about the fun things they did as parents of their children and children of their parents (and there were a few grandparent/grandchild memories in there, as well.) The variety and spirit of their stories were so fascinating to me that I started collecting them. And shortly thereafter, Fun Family Rituals was born! Simply put, this was an e-book compilation that I just HAD to create. So I did!

And that I've sold so many copies, and received so many emails telling me how much people have enjoyed reading them, has been icing on the cake!

Here's what some 
satisfied readers had to say:

"Barry, thanks for the opportunity to reflect on such wonderful moments in my life. I am truly grateful for my mother's good influence on me with rituals and how our family's honored these & created lots of our own as well!" -MJH
"This book is really great. I wish you success - and happiness!" -MG
"Fun Family Rituals is great! I like the humor interjected with the different activities." -JS
"I think this ritual thing is pretty cool. I think many people have rituals and don't even realize it!" -SH
"I really enjoyed reading Volume I of your fun family rituals book. Here are some rituals from my own family ( for Volume II )." -KE
"Thank you for helping us with the article "Family Rituals" which is scheduled for an upcoming issue of Better Homes & Gardens." -DL

These are NOT just "made up" ideas; they're real-world examples of what families, just like yours, are already doing - and already have done - written by the very people whose rituals they are!

Just look at all that this e-book contains:

Chapter 1 ... Bedtime Rituals

Chapter 1 ~ Bedtime Rituals

Learn about the darling things that moms and dads do to help their little ones fall off to sleep each night ~ like having the kids sing them good night songs!

Chapter 2 ... Birthday Rituals

Chapter 2 ~ Birthday Rituals

Funny, festive, and above all, loving celebrations of those very special days ~ like special celebrations for your pet's birthday.

Chapter 3 ... Holiday Rituals

Chapter 3 ~ Holiday Rituals

Valentines Day, Christmas, Chanukah, New Years ~ like writing out things you're "thankful for" on index cards, stuffing them into a "thankful for" box, and reading them all during dessert-time on Thanksgiving Day.

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But wait, there's more!

Chapter 4 ... Vacation Rituals

Chapter 4 ~ Vacation Rituals

Crazy antics, car activities, special meals, and such ~ like routinely starting each trip with a pizza dinner!

Chapter 5 ... Meal-Time Rituals

Chapter 5 ~ Meal-Time Rituals

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and the ever-popular Midnight Snack rituals ~ including cooking special meals together, with each child having a particular extra-special job to do!

Chapter 6 ... Good-Morning Rituals

Chapter 6 ~ Good-Morning Rituals

Rise and shine; it's another bee-YOU-tee-full day ~ especially when dad and his daughter get to sit at the kitchen table on Sunday mornings and draw with crayons and markers for hours on hours!

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And there's STILL more!

Chapter 7 ... No-Place-Like-Home Rituals

Chapter 7 ~ No-Place-Like-Home Rituals

After all, it is where the heart is ~ along with Grandma's Love-in-a-Bag! (Find out what that is!)

Chapter 8 ... Hodgepodge

Chapter 8 ~ Hodgepodge Rituals

Because some things just can't be categorized ~ like that very special way you like to say goodbye to each other!

Not only will YOU enjoy this great little e-book, but it's a GREAT gift idea, too! Give one each to friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, and anyone else who you do something nice for. Because who wouldn't appreciate more good times in their family life?!

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Order your copy of Fun Family Rituals today!

Fun Family Rituals

Fun Things Families Do...Together

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Post Script:   If you have some fun things that YOU do as a family... email them to Rituals@ggci.com. Who knows, maybe they'll be included in Fun Family Rituals, volume II !!!

But don't delay, order your copy of volume I, today.

Order/Download YOUR copy of
Fun Family Rituals » Fun Things Families Do...Together

Instantly printable e-book (in pdf format).
Available for the special price of just $9.95

P.S. It's becoming harder and harder to keep families together, isn't it? The kids get busy, you're already busy, and time passes waaaay too quickly.  So, even if you only find one new idea to help you strengthen your family's bond, wouldn't it be worth it? That you can start using many of these ideas as soon as TODAY is an added plus! So don't delay; download the e-book and start creating some great memories that your kids - and YOU - will remember for years and years - and generations - to come.

P.P.S. This really IS the stuff of lasting memories. And some great laughs, too!

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