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Barry Zweibel, MCC
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"Yes it's time, and YES, You're Ready!"

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Thinking about an Executive Coach? Think about GottaGettaCoach!

"Yes it's time for an Executive Coach, and YES, you're ready."

Everyone agrees -- you're a successful executive. Congratulations! But that's part of the problem: No one notices that being an executive is not as easy for you as it once was. The problems were always challenging. But the solutions are increasingly less clear. Have you lost your executive edge? Are you just not as satisfied with the caliber of your work as you once were? Or maybe you're noticing that what made you a successful executive is somehow eluding you. After all, you used to able to: 

  • Think smarter and work harder with less stress and strain

  • Better separate what's truly important from what's not

  • Provide consistently more value-added

  • Show more executive presence and interpersonal influence

  • Get more face-time with those that matter

Working with an executive coach can help you regain all this ... and more. Or realize it's time to do something different. You see, what makes executive coaching work - unlike so many other approaches - is its unique, ongoing, one-on-one, discrete, methodology. Seminars, conferences and internal mentoring programs are fine and good, but the learning tends to be lost over time. Informal conversations are great, but you might not want to talk about these certain things with the people you work with. That's why executive coaching is so helpful -- you work with your coach, individually, two times a month, over a period of months, to insure that your learning is relevant, meaningful, powerful, ... and completely confidential.

What an Executive Coach Does

Obviously, an executive coach can help focus your professional development and executive presence, but that's not all. Your executive coach is a confidential advocate, helping you think through and what's needed for you to be the best executive you can be, day-in/day-out to. Here's an index of possibilities:

  • Get better organized and engaged in your work

  • Talk openly about what's getting in the way

  • Feel heard and truly understood, without judgment

  • Sidestep your perfectionist tendencies

  • Determine what would maximize your executive impact

  • Engage fully and in behalf of your own best interests

What an Executive Coach Does NOT Do

While an executive coach can certainly help you clarify your thoughts about work, help you get more in touch with your passion for work, and help you prioritize -- and and hold you accountable for -- what you need to do with respect to your work, the truth is that you still have to do the work. So don't expect your executive coach to do all the heavy lifting FOR you! But DO expect executive coaching to help you find the answers that are best suited for YOU.

Furthermore, this is NOT therapy, NOT consulting, NOT classroom learning. Consider you and your executive coach to be PEERS, talking about what's most relevant for YOU to talk about.

Addition Information

The GottaGettaCoach! executive coaching process focuses on how well you operate in the Five Key Leadership / Executive Domains:

  1. UP -- Bosses, supervisors, and executive-level opinion leaders

  2. DOWN -- Direct reports, their staff, and front-line operatives

  3. ACROSS -- Peers in your immediate vertical and across the company

  4. OUTSIDE -- Vendor personnel and industry contacts

  5. WITHIN -- That is, how you manage YOURSELF

Does executive coaching really work? Yes, it does! To see for yourself, follow the links to review its tangible and intangible impact, independent research findings, and GGCI's own Return on Investment (ROI) survey results. Then request an appointment to learn more.

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About Barry Zweibel

Barry Zweibel, MBA, MCC, is president of GottaGettaCoach!, Inc. (GGCI) routinely engages smart, capable, people in deeply meaningful conversations about their personal growth and professional development. His quick mind, large heart, and clever sense of humor, makes his coaching and mentoring particularly powerful for new, aspiring, and seasoned leaders, alike.

Wondering what some satisfied customers have said about working with Master Certified Coach, Barry Zweibel?

JS, vice president, Ohio: "I've had 5 executive coaches. Styles were different in all cases. I describe Barry's style as "scenario based coaching." Working with Barry, you run through a future or past scenario you may have with a boss, colleague/peer, direct report, etc. You talk about the goals of the conversation, relationship, or dialogue. Then, you "walk through" how to make that goal a reality. It is very effective for learning how to adapt styles and communications to be most effective."

JF, executive, Dallas: "Barry's unique approach has given me something infinitely more valuable than just the typical 'leadership inventory/toolkit' - he's helped me find my own, authentic, leadership voice."

TP, director, Baltimore: "Why hire Barry as a Coach? Because he is that exceptional blend of smart, funny and compassionate that keeps you moving forward and feeling supported all the way. He was adept at asking the right questions and listening to what was behind my words. What can Barry help you accomplish? As much as you are ready to handle. He is a rare combination of conversational leader and follower which keeps the coaching moving fast and you moving forward."

MC, vice president, Texas: "I wanted to thank you, Barry, for everything you have done for me over the past year – your coaching has helped me find my voice and for that I will forever be grateful. Little did I know how different my life would be, for the better times 100, actually. The profound changes that I see in my demeanor and in my life are beyond description. Thank you again for being my shelter in the storm and for being a catalyst to me finding my place in the world."

DV, managing director, Washington, DC: "I have found Barry's coaching sessions to be invaluable. Barry is an extremely helpful as a sounding board, helping me work though a concrete plan to tackle particular problems I face within the office, and in building and maintaining important client relationships. He has a great knack for hearing what I am really saying even when I am not quite saying it, and for getting me to focus on what matters. He is also quite comfortable offering constructive criticism and helping me identify and discard bad ideas. On a personal level, I find Barry to be delightful. He is warm, personable and funny."

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1724 Larkdale Road Northbrook, Illinois 60062-5931
Office: 847-291-9735 Fax: 847-291-0565
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