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Barry Zweibel, MCC
Master Certified Coach |

"Yes it's time, and YES, You're Ready!"

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Thinking about a Mentor Coach? Think GottaGettaCoach!

"Yes, it's time for Mentor Coaching, and YES, you're ready."

Hi there ~ Barry Zweibel, here, MCC, ICF-Certified Master Coach;  CPCC, certified professional co-active (coactive) coach; coach mentor; member of the International Coach Federation (ICF); and a founding member of CoachVille, 247 Coaching, and the International Association of Coaching (IAC) - the IAC now has more than 12,500 members - I was the 12th.

Looking for a mentor coach who's light, bright, engaging, and fun? Think Barry Zweibel, CPCC, chief cook and bottle washer of GottaGettaCoach!, Incorporated.

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Barry Zweibel, MCC, CPCC
President, GottaGettaCoach!, Incorporated

You'll find I have a clean energy that's both engaging and entertaining. That's helpful in a coach mentoring relationship. You'll also find it real easy to connect with me on a fun, intellectually stimulating and emotionally-dynamic level - also important should I be your coach.

My formal coach training came from the prestigious Coaches Training Institute - I received the certified professional co-active (coactive) coach, or CPCC, designation in 2001. The CTI credentialing program was both rigorous and accredited by the International Coach Federation. It included more than 175 hours of classroom learning, 100+ hours of logged coaching time, literally dozens of instructional teleclass learning labs, nine separate Supervision Calls where my coaching sessions were recorded (with client permission) and then critiqued by a master certified coach, and a formal certification testing process, including a six hour written exam and two live coaching demonstrations. (If you're considering what coaching school to enroll in, be sure to read: On Choosing a Coaching School.)

I was appointed as Chairman of the Early Years Learning Track by the conference chair Beth Burns and the ICF for their 2002 Annual Conference where it was my responsibility to create a program of breakout sessions that would be most beneficial for mentoring new coaches. With assistant chair, Lisa Kemp, ACC, our speakers included Dave Buck, President, Coachville; Michael Charest, Founder, Coach and Grow RichTM; Lorraine White, MCC; David Rock, CEO, Results Life Coaching in Australia; Dorcas Kelly, author, The Business of Coaching and certified professional co-active (coactive) coach; Gretchen Sunderland, an award-winning salesperson and sales coach; Karyn Greenstreet, small business and technology coach; and Jackie Huba, marketing guru and co-author of Creating Customer Evangelists. Our program was a very co-active and rousing success for every ICF coach who attended - it was the buzz of the conference!

On a related note, in 2003, I was retained by the Chicago chapter of the ICF to be coach and facilitator for their board of directors. Additionally, I also worked with Thomas Leonard (who is widely regarded as the 'father of modern-day coaching') as an active participant of his CoachVille "Research and Development" Team.

I've since earned the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential from the International Coach Federation. (In addition to all of the above, that also required having logged a total 2,500 hours of coaching time (no less than 90% of it being for compensation), 200 hours of coach-specific training, obtaining a series of Letters of Recommendation from both coaching clients and certified coaches who've heard me coach and can attest to my coaching competencies, and an extensive application and review process by the independent ICF Technical Review and Application Review Boards.)

More about Barry Zweibel and his biography.

But why do coaches like to work with me? Because I help them become more competent in their craft AND more successful in building their practices. Together we role-play, discuss, as the ICF calls it, the "Art, Science, and Practice, of Professional Coaching," laugh a whole lot, and coach our brains out! Who says mentoring has to be difficult and boring?! Here's what some of them have said:

DP, Professional Coach, Montreal, Canada: "I have the pleasure of working with Barry Zweibel as my mentor coach and started to notice a change in my behaviour after my coaching sessions with him. My mind was clearer, I was in a better mood, I was approaching the rest my day in a much better mindset -- even my walking pace was improved! Yes, a mentor coach makes a difference, even to a high achiever, productive, person like me. Thank you Barry!!"
SK, Entrepreneur/Coach, Boston: "As a result of working with Barry on developing my coaching practice, I feel like I have given myself permission to coach from my gut and not be afraid. He helped me believe in myself as a coach, even when I did not."
DH, Professional/Personal Coach, Baltimore: "Specific benefits that you have brought to me include: Clarity on my career aspirations and how to make coaching work for me; a wholesale change in attitude from one of deprivation to abundance; helping me work though my fears to start my own business; and a sounding board and a peer confident with whom to strategize. Specific business results have included 7 record revenue months out of 10. Wow! You have been instrumental to my success. I really don't feel that I could have achieved all that I have without your help."
CH, executive/career coach, London: "I worked with Barry for over a year and in that time I noticed a real difference in my approach and effectiveness. Barry created a safe space to explore some difficult issues – he challenged me supportively, laughed with me and set me on my way with new vigour and passion. My business is growing and I’m attracting client that ambitious to have more in their lives. Thank you Barry."
MM, life coach, Colorado: "I liked Barry's point of view - both questioning and non-threatening at the same time. He pointed out shifts I couldn't see myself and offered constructive feedback on ideas and situations. I HIGHLY recommend Barry as a coach. I was able to increase the value I offered to my clients because I was able to bounce ideas off of a mentor who had experience in the arena. Barry's ability to wear both hats was invaluable in the I received double the value from our sessions."
ER, business coach, Montreal, Canada: "I had the distinct pleasure of working with Barry Zweibel as my mentor coach. My coaching proficiency was enhanced through specific coaching techniques and knowledge transfer. I would not hesitate to recommend Barry to anyone who is interested in growing and improving as a coach."
PLH, executive coach, from New York City: "Barry, Barry, Barry: Hiring you was the best decision I made in a long, long time. Thanks for being, well, you. You boast about 'Helping clients create more meaningful outcomes.' That's not just a slogan -- it's what you've done for this client."
ES, Coach/Academician, from Tennessee: "I'm most grateful for the progress made in developing my coaching practice. I now have some great clients, some exciting proposals under consideration, and I'm having a lot of fun. Thanks again, Barry, for being an exemplary model and inspiring me to pursue the field of coaching."

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What you fail to do today to build your business
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Important Note: Even before I became an MCC, I  believed that in order for the coaching profession to really develop, we coaches have to do more than just coach other coaches. That's why I only mentor a maximum of only two or three coaches at a time. So, to help coaches that I don't coach bridge the gap between being a capable coach and a successful one, I offer Biz-D Basics for Life Coaches.

Biz-D Basics is a blog-like weekly subscription series that's specifically designed for those of you looking for that something extra to help you build and sustain your coaching practice into something truly viable. If you're tired of the "struggle and suffer" of trying to the Business Development (Biz-D) side of being a coach, link to:

Also for coaches:

consider THIS! Daily Realizations for New and Aspiring Personal Life Coaches

Consider This! Daily Realizations for Life Coaches


Not a how-to manual. Rather, it's a "What To" - as in what meditations to keep top-o-mind when building your practice into a vibrant and sustainable business. These Daily Realizations worked for me and they may just work for you, too.


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