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Barry Zweibel, MCC
Master Certified Coach |

"Yes it's time, and YES, You're Ready!"

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Thinking about a Career Coach? Think about GottaGettaCoach!

"Yes, it's time for a Career Coach, and YES, you're ready."

A lot of people TALK like they're focusing on their career development, but they really aren't - they're just talking about how they're not where they want to be, career-wise. The telltale is action ... or not. You see there's no neutral position. If you're not actively working to move yourself ahead, then you're actually falling behind. Talk is cheap, and time passes quickly.

So what's next for you in your career? How actively have you been pursuing things?

  • What exiting accomplishments have you been able to add to your resume over the last year?

  • When's the last time you wrote out an ideal job description for yourself?

  • What have you been doing to become more skillful at networking?

  • How current is that 10-year career plan of yours? That 3-year career plan?!

  • What type of interview support do you need?

What a Career Coach Does

Obviously, a career coach can help you complete these assignments, but that's not all. Career coaching can provide you with structures and insights to stimulate your learning, give you an objective sounding board to challenge and encourage you, and help you find the answers you need to questions like these:

  • How can you  do a better job at your current job to better position yourself for promotion?

  • How can you keep motivated and enthused about a job search?

  • How can you ace that interview?

  • How can you figure out what you really want to be when I grow up?

What a Career Coach Does NOT Do

While a career coach can certainly help you clarify your thoughts about work, help you get more in touch with your passion for work, and help you prioritize -- and and hold you accountable for -- what you need to do with respect to your work, the truth is that you have to do the work. So don't expect a career coach to decide what your ideal job or career is, or tell you what industry you should work in, or find you a job or arrange interviews for you. Career coaching is NOT something that's done FOR you; it's done WITH you so that you can find your own answers, the one's that are best suited for YOU.

Career Assessments, Tools, and Such

Maybe you're not quite ready for coaching, but would still like to get a better sense of some possible career paths. If that's your situation, here are a few inexpensive career assessments worth considering:

GGCI Career Coach! CareerFitter Assessments

Discover your Purpose with Understand your work 'personality'. Learn about your potential weaknesses. Review other aspects of your Personality. Identify your ideal work environment. Create an ideal career list. And, research hundreds of different types of jobs that may work for you. Order the Career Fitter Assessment

GGCI Career Coach! CareerMaze Assessments

The CareerMaze assessment takes a behavioral snapshot of you through your own eyes and produces a clearly written discussion focused on your work life that highlights a range of specific options most relevant to you and your characteristics. Whether Career Maze simply refines your present vision or starts you down a new path, its insights will add to your knowledge in developing/continuing your ongoing success. Order the CareerMaze Assessment

GGCI Career Coach! interview support

Name It; Frame It; then Claim It - A Special Report, for Interviewees, on the Inner-Game of Powerful Interviewing. Powerful Interviewing is more than just answering questions asked. It’s about having – and sharing – a unique, and compelling, point-of-view that starts with your Interviewing Inner-Game. Great for interview support and preparation. Order  the Name It; Frame It; then, Claim It e-book

GGCI Career Coach! Decision Matrix Tutorial

Maybe you already have a job offer but aren't sure if it's the right job for you. Should I, or Shouldn't I? A Decision Matrix Tutorial can help you learn how to objectively asses such decisions so that you don't have to rely solely on your gut feel. Downloadable as an e-book, in pdf format, Should I, or Shouldn't I? comes with easy-to-follow instructions and numerous how-to examples. Creating your own Decision Matrix has never been easier. Using the same methodology that Barry Zweibel used for major before becoming a coach -- and part of his classroom curriculum when he taught at Northwestern University, the Decision Matrix is great evaluating job offers and any number of major purchase options or important decisions you're likely to face. Order the Should I or Shouldn't I? Decision Matrix Tutorial e-book

Free Articles and Reading

Sometimes a little reading soothes the mind and energizes the career-thinking spirit. To that end, you might also find some of the career development articles that Barry Zweibel has written for, among other publications, quite helpful. 

Whatever you choose, though, please do follow the instincts that brought you here. You'll be soooo glad you did.

One of the things that makes working with GottaGettaCoach! so interesting is that it's done by telephone. So whether you're in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Kansas City, Cleveland, Portland, Charlotte, Denver, Seattle, Washington DC, Boston, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Austin, Columbus, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Detroit, San Antonio, San Diego, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles,  New York, Ontario, Alberta, or British Columbia Canada, Zurich or Geneva, Switzerland, London, England, France, Sydney, Australia, Singapore, or anywhere else in the world, you're only a phone call away!

Wondering what some satisfied customers have said about working with Master Certified Coach (MCC) Barry Zweibel?

EO, corporate lawyer, New York City: "Fear is an obstacle that just crumbles to bits when you look at it straight on. How would I rate Barry Zweibel as a career coach? Brilliant. Spot on."

TC, consulting firm executive, Paris, France: "I made it! They told me that out of the 16 candidates, I was the highest rated. Unbelievable! Well thank you for your support and coaching. I achieved what we set out to do a little over 2 months ago (i.e. get promoted to VP). Thank you! I will be calling again."

AA, computer systems expert, New Jersey: "I am now an even greater believer in coaching. I had not looked for a job in over twenty years. [GottaGettaCoach!] helped me get organized, assess myself, decide where I wanted to be, and made sure I was prepared as best as I could be before walking into an interview. Best of all, I got the job!"

ML, Insurance Manager, New Jersey: "I thoroughly appreciate you and your abilities, Barry. I SUPPOSE it should be easy enough for me to sort through these things on my own, get my resume together, psych myself up for a job hunt, but it isn't. You're able to lead me down the path of logical conclusions (first there's a situation, then there's this aspect, and that aspect, and if this, and that, then . . . ) in a kind and encouraging way, and make me feel like I came up with the conclusion on my own. Which I suppose I did do, but it wouldn't have happened without your help."

WW, project manager, Dallas, Texas: "As I neared completion on my last project, my boss offered me a new job heading up the biggest project this company has ever attempted. I don't think I would've even been considered for this position if I had not grown under your coaching. Thanks so much."

RJ, program manager, Washington, DC: “Prior to working with Barry, I was second-guessing whether I was ready to make the transition from government to the private sector and into management. Barry’s skilled coaching helped me to move to the next level in my career. His proven ability to share tips and tools to solve thorny management problems is invaluable.”

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And here's more good news! Through an exclusive arrangement that GGCI has with a select number of highly-qualified career coaches, you can now sample different coaching styles before making a hiring decision.

So IS it time?! ARE you ready?!

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