Thursday, December 31, 2009

Play Safely, Kids

So long 2009! Here's to a GREAT 2010!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

GGCI's Executive Coaching Flow

Recently created this diagram to help explain what I do when a company hires me as an executive coach for some leadership development work. Thought it'd make sense to post it for a wider GottaGettaCoach!, Inc. (GGCI) audience to see, as well, so here it is:

GottaGettaCoach! Executive Coaching Flow Feel free to call (847-291-9735) or email ( to discuss.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

ManagementSushi Guest Post #2: Time-Management, the TV-Marathon Way

Courtesy of ManagementSushi, UK-based marketeer, brand expert, and SME business strategist, Bernie Ritchie's blog, my latest guest-post is now live.

Titled, "2010 : Year of the TV Marathon Work Week Approach?!" it's a tongue-in-cheek strategy for managing your way-too-busy work-week, based on how television stations schedule those program marathons.

To start things off, Bernie's included some of her favorite (or 'favourite,' as she'd spell it) time-management resources, as well.

Here, then, is an excerpt of the post:

"Monday could be "Email Day" where all we did was respond to what was in our in-boxes. Now many of you get *zillions* of emails, no doubt, but I gotta believe that if you had an entire day to focus just on that, why you might even be able to come in a little bit late on Mondays. And wouldn't that be a nice way to start the week?!
"Having eased into the week like that, Tuesday would then be "Commitment Day." This would be when you'd be responsible for doing all the things you said you'd do in your emails, a week ago Monday. Just imagine: "Sorry, boss, I can't help you out right now, I'm too busy honoring the commitments I've already made to other people."

"Of course that would mean that Wednesday would have to be "Commitment Overflow Day" (COD for short). Why? Well for two reasons ..."
(... continued at

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RockStarLeader Guest Post #3: Rock Music Rocks Stocks - and Rock Star Leaders

My newest guest post at the Rock Star Leader blog was published today.

Titled, "Rock Music Rocks Stocks," it's a riff on a USATODAY article about how America’s “mood swings” might not just determine music popularity at any particular point in time, but might also determine if the stock market is likely to be on the up- or down-swing!
“When people are in a collective good mood, for instance, they tend to listen to bubble-gum-pop music with a steady happy beat.” Think back to January 2000, when the market was waaaay up, boy bands, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, and the Carlos Santana/Rob Thomas smash hit, Smooth, were tops.

“Conversely, when they’re in a funk, people gravitate to music with dark, complex tones and themes.” No wonder that Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight peaked as stocks began to tumble in 2007, AC/DC hit #1 on the Billboards charts in 2008 — even the Sex Pistols got back together during the 2007 Dow slide!

"So what’s the message, here, for Rock Star Leaders?" ...
(...continued at

By the way, do YOU see a connection between music and leadership and are thinking that YOU'D like to blog about it?! If so, just send me an email and maybe you can be a guest-blogger for the Rock Star Leader blog, too.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't Squat with Yer Spurs On!

Selected words of wisdom from "A Cowboy's Guide to Life," volumes I and II, by Texas Bix Bender:
  1. Never take to sawin' on the branch that's supportn' you, unless you're bein' hung from it.

  2. A lot of good luck is undeserved, but then so is a lot of bad luck.

  3. Go after life as if it's something that's got to be roped in a hurry before it gets away.

  4. Don't let so much reality into your life that there's no room left for dreamin'.

  5. Ain't never seen a wild critter feelin' sorry for itself.

  6. Honesty is not something you should flirt with -- ou should be married to it.

  7. Avoid flasharity, foofaraw, and fumadiddle in dress, speech, and conduct. leave the peacocking for the peacocks.

  8. You can't weigh the facts if yo'uve got the scales loaded down with your opinions.

  9. When you forgive and forget, forget that you forgave while you're at it.

  10. The best way to knock a chip off a shoulder is with a friendly pat on the back.

  11. Work lessat worrying and more at working.

  12. Advice is like a pot of chili: You should try a little of it yourself before you give anybody else a taste.

  13. If you ain't pullin' your weight, you're pushin' your luck.

  14. Nothin' keeps you honest more than witnesses.

  15. The purest metal comes out of the greatest heat.

  16. You're not being diplomatic just because you put "please' in front of "shut the hell up."

  17. Smetimes it takes a lot more thinkin' to deal with changes than to make 'em.

  18. You'll feel better when it quits hurtin'.

  19. The bigger the mouth, the better it looks shut.

  20. You can't tell how far a frog can jump by its croak.

  21. Always walk tall and keep your head up -- unless you're walkin' in a cow pasture.

  22. The best way to break a bad habit is to drop it.

Thanks to A.W.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where They Sign What They Sign

Dan Ariely, a Duke University professor and author of Predictably Irrational, has been studying how to prevent cheating.

In a recent study, he found that when people are asked to sign their name at the TOP of an insurance application (instead of the usual signature spot, at the bottom) they were more honest about their driving habits, even though higher annual mileage meant higher premiums.

Extending this notion to more of a B-to-B setting:
  • The next time you query vendors on their Request for Proposal (RFP) submissions, or the like, have each vendor contact person sign the RFP response ... at the top of page 1 ... before reviewing it with them.

  • The next time a customer wants to review with you their Service Level Agreement (SLA) status report, or the like, have him/her sign that SLA status report ... at the top of page 1 ... at the very start of the meeting.

And just to keep yourself on the up-and-up:

  • The next time YOU need to submit some written information on something to someone, or the like, put YOUR signature ... at the top of page 1 ... before completing it!

source: "When People Recon it's O.K. to Cheat", BusinessWeek magazine, October 5, 2009, p25.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3qtr2009 Not Just Talk! Newsletter Now Available

Not Just Talk! - the quarterly newsletter of GottaGettaCoach!, Inc.The 3qtr2009 Not Just Talk! quarterly newsletter from Barry Zweibel and GottaGettaCoach!, Inc. is now available and ready for viewing at Included are:


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Positive Psychology Conference and Twitter


From June 18-21, the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) hosted The First World Congress on Positive Psychology in Philadelphia . I attended and used Twitter to capture the experience. (Conference hashtag: "#IPPA"; my Twitter ID: "ggci".)

Here's some of my Tweets (plus some additional reflections added while posting this to my blog):
  1. Heading out to Philly for International Positive Psychology Association conference. #ippa
    [9:30 AM Jun 18th]

  2. If you see me at #ippa - Barry Zweibel, GottaGettaCoach!, Chicago, @ggci - please stop and say hello to a fellow Twitterer. (And many did.)
    [10:17 AM Jun 18th]

  3. Three flight delays and 1, 2, 3, now 4 gate changes and I'm STILL at O'Hare. I'm soooo ready for some #IPPA positivity!
    [12:17 PM Jun 18th]

  4. Day One of #IPPA getting ready to start. Last night's pre-conference lecture last was jam-packed! Already meeting some Tweeps!
    [6:05 AM Jun 19th]

  5. #IPPA - 1500-plus attendees from 52 countries. Wow! (Fasinatingly, Positive Psychology seems more popular in Australia and Canada than in the U.S.)
    [7:17 AM Jun 19th]

  6. #IPPA - Distinction: Happiness as getting what you want vs. wanting what you already have. (Research shows that getting what you want isn't the key to happiness ... it comes more from truly appreciating all that you already DO have.)
    [8:43 AM Jun 19th]

  7. #IPPA - Happiness is a function of BOTH mindset AND circumstance. Individual results can and DO vary greatly. (Two schools of thought have developed in Positive Psychology: Martin Seligman represents the former; Philip Zambardo, the latter. Both, and their constitients are coming to realize that they're two sides of the same coin.)
    [9:02 AM Jun 19th]

  8. #IPPA - Accurately measuring happiness and meaningfulness is not as easy as you might think! (Think about it. How DO you measure happiness and meaningfulness - especially when so many people define the terms in such different ways?)
    [10:13 AM Jun 19th]

  9. #IPPA - lunchtime: Logan Square, museums, cars, people, a lovely fountain, and several street-side hot dog vendors - Mmmmm Good! (Having grown up near NYC, hot dogs, knishes, pretzels, and chestnuts, etc. bought at ridiculously low prices from pushcarts and trailers is real comfort food for me.)
    [12:14 PM Jun 19th]

  10. #IPPA - Coach's Creed - Get to know your strengths as well as possible and how you might better apply them to your challenges. (The operative question is always: "Knowing what my strengths are, how can I apply them to the challenges I'm currently facing?")
    [2:51 PM Jun 19th]

  11. #IPPA - To increase courage, focus on: 1) plan to reach goal; 2) value of outcome; 3) mitigating risk; and 4) controlling fear. (More on different types of courage in an upcoming blog post.)
    [4:29 PM Jun 19th]

  12. #IPPA - Now for dinner with a client who works in Philly. Good fun! – bz (Thanks, BD. Great seeing you again.)
    [4:59 PM Jun 19th]

  13. #IPPA - Good Morning! Starting the day by meeting another client for breakfast. Then back to the conference. Good stuff. (Thanks, DW. Great to have finally met in person!)
    [6:16 AM Jun 20th]

  14. #IPPA Got good and soaked walking back from breakfast this morning. Quick change of clothes and then rejoining conference. (It was a 'positive' rain!)
    [12:30 PM Jun 20th]

  15. #IPPA Research shows more self-reflection does NOT aid goal-attainment; having more insights does. Per study, coaching creates insights. (Implication: We often default to self-reflection when we lose focus on our goals; but insights are what natrually occur when we stay fully-connected to the process of achieving our goals.)
    [12:33 PM Jun 20th]

  16. #IPPA - per Csikszentmihalyi: "We are shapers of our future - where shall evolution be heading?" (Talk about long-term planning! It's not "What do you feel like for dinner?", it's "What can we do today to affect how the human species evolves over the next 50-75,000 years!" Fascinating notion that we can affect evolution, isn't it?!)
    [2:44 PM Jun 20th]

  17. #IPPA - per hotel maintenance guy: "I ain't got time for all this 'glad' shit." (My absolute favorite line from the whole conference!)
    [2:45 PM Jun 20th]

  18. #IPPA Much research happening in the Positive Psychology world. Coaching profession waaaay behind curve on this. Good wakeup call. (Coaches tend to assume, or assert something as fact, and proceed accordingly. Researchers actually prove it using scientific method, statistical analysis, and rigourous peer-review. It's quite impressive, actually.)
    [3:05 PM Jun 20th]

  19. #IPPA - I do believe I've met more people from *outside* of the US than within at this conference. Amazing! (Brazil, Turkey, Hungary, England, Australia, Canada, South Africa, France, Korea, Japan, Scotland, Jamaica, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, and Italy, to name just a few of their homelands.)
    [8:41 PM Jun 21st]

  20. #IPPA - Burns lecture on metaphors was like, um ... a neat new story with both relevance and insight into the power of metaphors! (Get it?! I used a metaphor to describe a lecture on metaphors!)
    [12:43 PM Jun 12st]

  21. Tweeting turned out to be a fun way to consolidate learning at #IPPA. Of course, much more to it than just tweets. (Hence these 'green' addendums and sure-to-follow other writings about the conference.)
    [12:46 PM Jun 21st]

  22. Time for me to now say my #IPPA goodbyes (including to that maintenance guy!) and head back to Chicago. Safe travels, all. [12:54 PM Jun 21st]

  23. P.S. #IPPA - Delayed flights 'bookend' my conference experience. What's the Positive Psychology p-value* of that, I wonder?! [2:13 pM Jun 21st] (As a guess -- because I'm a coach and not a researcher -- I'd say there's quite a positive correlation between flying in and out of ORD and being delayed!)
(*Note: P-value is a statistical tool used to measure the probability that the particular participants used in a study were suitably representative (or not unrepresentative, as it were) of people as a whole and is a very big deal when reporting on ones research findings.)

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