Monday, November 30, 2009

Selected GGCI Tweets from November 2009

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For the uninitiated, Twitter is like a "micro-blog" service where each individual "tweet" is limited to a maximum length of 140 characters.

While most of my "tweets" are parts of conversations with others, here are some from November 2009 that stand alone:

(You'll note that several tweets include a word, or phrase starting with a "hash-tag" or #. These are user-defined categories that people use when tweeting.)

  1. #MorningThought: What makes a #Haiku / so much fun for me is that / syllables matter!
  2. #Leadership: What loose ends need to be taken care of today?
  3. #Distinction: Practicing meaningful Self-Care is NOT selfish. Indeed, it's much EASIER to help others once our own needs are met.
  4. #CoachingAssmt: Ask several people you know to use three words to describe you. Like what you're hearing?! Recognize yourself?!
  5. #CoachingQ: What's something you're UNwilling to change? How might your reluctance be making things *worse* than you realize?!
  6. #CoachingQ: What decision have you been avoiding lately? What's stopping you from just deciding already?
  7. A busy Monday makes this a good #quote: "Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." -Goethe
  8. #CoachingQ: What is consistently available to you when you're at your best that isn't always when you're not?
  9. #CoachingQ: If you got what you said you wanted & needed, what would that give you that you don't already have?
  10. I've found that #Leadership Excellence is typically one-part title, three-parts foresight, and a dash-and-a-half of tenacity.
  11. #CoachingQ: What options can you create for yourself in this situation?
  12. #CoachingQ: What is working? What is not? What frees you up? What overly complicates things? What can you do about some of that?
  13. #Leadership Tip: Ask people to repeat back your instructions - so you can compare what they 'heard' w/what you meant ... & adjust
  14. #Paradox: "Striving for something better" versus "accepting what is"
  15. #MorningThought: On this Thanksgiving Day, allow yourself to feel the gratitude that others have for YOU. You matter, too!
  16. I came to Twitter / to see what it was about. / Found community! #Haiku #Thanksgiving
  17. #MorningThought: Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn't mean we should stop giving thanks.
  18. How "Great/full" was *your* Thanksgiving?!
  19. A key to success in both #leadership and #life is this whole gratitude thing - but not just on some Thursday in November - 24x7.
  20. What a lot of executives don't get about #leadership is that it's not just a title, it's a responsibility.
  21. People often ask me what GGCI stands for - it's GottaGettaCoach!, Inc.
  22. The Responsibility of #leadership is about "making good things happen sooner" while helping people grow. BOTH are required.
  23. It is irresponsible, in my view, to ignore the employee growth side of the #leadership equation, even temporarily.
  24. The Responsibility of #leadership extends into all circumstances - not just the convenient ones.
  25. Executives are not excused from their Responsibility of #leadership just because they're "too busy" or working on something else.
  26. Executives who say they're "too busy" to honor the Responsibility of #leadership likely have poor delegation skills.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Remember THIS Job Interview Strategy?!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RockStarLeader Guest Post #3: Rock Music Rocks Stocks - and Rock Star Leaders

My newest guest post at the Rock Star Leader blog was published today.

Titled, "Rock Music Rocks Stocks," it's a riff on a USATODAY article about how America’s “mood swings” might not just determine music popularity at any particular point in time, but might also determine if the stock market is likely to be on the up- or down-swing!
“When people are in a collective good mood, for instance, they tend to listen to bubble-gum-pop music with a steady happy beat.” Think back to January 2000, when the market was waaaay up, boy bands, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, and the Carlos Santana/Rob Thomas smash hit, Smooth, were tops.

“Conversely, when they’re in a funk, people gravitate to music with dark, complex tones and themes.” No wonder that Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight peaked as stocks began to tumble in 2007, AC/DC hit #1 on the Billboards charts in 2008 — even the Sex Pistols got back together during the 2007 Dow slide!

"So what’s the message, here, for Rock Star Leaders?" ...
(...continued at

By the way, do YOU see a connection between music and leadership and are thinking that YOU'D like to blog about it?! If so, just send me an email and maybe you can be a guest-blogger for the Rock Star Leader blog, too.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

RockStarLeader Guest Post #2: Rock Star Leadership in the Key of … “See”

My newest guest post at the Rock Star Leader blog was published today. Titled, Rock Star Leadership In the Key of … “See”, it looks at what music can really teach a leader about how to be a Rock Star Leader:
"So can music really teach a leader how to be a Rock Star Leader?!
"Well, let’s see what M-U-S-I-C has to offer:
  • "M reminds us to always strive to Motivate Others. As a Rock Star Leader, it’s not just about helping others to raise their game when it’s convenient, or when you feel like it. It’s about ever-being the role model, the one others look up to, and the one who doesn’t just play the (Leadership) music, but someone who understands the (Leadership) music – and can explain it to others in increasingly powerfully engaging and relevant ways.

  • “U” suggests we always Utilize our Resources. A Rock Star Leader knows who’s good at what, who likes doing what, and how to those very skillful (and willful) people to stop what they’re working on, and willingly do what the Rock Star Leader needs done.
(...continued at

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

RockStarLeader Guest Post #1: Why Dogs Don't Enjoy Music

Creative marketeer, Tom Schulte, recently started - "the intersection of music and influence" - and asked if I'd do some guest blogging for the site.

My first post was published today. It's called, Why Dogs Don't Enjoy Music. Bascially, it's a riff on how leaders might not be as strong at communicating with their staff as they may think ... and what can be done about it.
"Subtlety is often considered a more “refined” form of communication. The problem with subtle communications, though, is that they ask the listener — they require the listener — to be much more discerning when listening. And depending on circumstances, that could be asking a LOT from someone.

"Too much, perhaps.

"Indeed, expecting someone to give you their full and Undivided Attention could be far more than they’re ready for — or capable of — in this busy, distracted, juggling priorities, go-go, world of ours."
To read the entire piece, link on over to Why Dogs Don't Enjoy Music.

And while there, see what else is going on at

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't Squat with Yer Spurs On!

Selected words of wisdom from "A Cowboy's Guide to Life," volumes I and II, by Texas Bix Bender:
  1. Never take to sawin' on the branch that's supportn' you, unless you're bein' hung from it.

  2. A lot of good luck is undeserved, but then so is a lot of bad luck.

  3. Go after life as if it's something that's got to be roped in a hurry before it gets away.

  4. Don't let so much reality into your life that there's no room left for dreamin'.

  5. Ain't never seen a wild critter feelin' sorry for itself.

  6. Honesty is not something you should flirt with -- ou should be married to it.

  7. Avoid flasharity, foofaraw, and fumadiddle in dress, speech, and conduct. leave the peacocking for the peacocks.

  8. You can't weigh the facts if yo'uve got the scales loaded down with your opinions.

  9. When you forgive and forget, forget that you forgave while you're at it.

  10. The best way to knock a chip off a shoulder is with a friendly pat on the back.

  11. Work lessat worrying and more at working.

  12. Advice is like a pot of chili: You should try a little of it yourself before you give anybody else a taste.

  13. If you ain't pullin' your weight, you're pushin' your luck.

  14. Nothin' keeps you honest more than witnesses.

  15. The purest metal comes out of the greatest heat.

  16. You're not being diplomatic just because you put "please' in front of "shut the hell up."

  17. Smetimes it takes a lot more thinkin' to deal with changes than to make 'em.

  18. You'll feel better when it quits hurtin'.

  19. The bigger the mouth, the better it looks shut.

  20. You can't tell how far a frog can jump by its croak.

  21. Always walk tall and keep your head up -- unless you're walkin' in a cow pasture.

  22. The best way to break a bad habit is to drop it.

Thanks to A.W.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

ManagementSushi Guest Post #1: Management Sushi, Johnny Appleseed Style

Management SushiLong-time marketeer, brand expert, and SME business strategist, Bernie Ritchie, over at, asked if I'd write an article for her blog. So I did!

The post, titled, Management Excellence, Johnny Appleseed Style, talks about a boss' responsibility to plant and cultivate motivational Growth Seeds.

"Growth Seeds are those special insights we share with others when we have their undivided attention. They are what inspire continued learning and growth. They are what enable greater creativity, motivation, and decisiveness. They are what help make good things happen for people that might not happen otherwise.
"So how does a manager effectively plant and nurture motivational Growth Seeds, if so inclined? The acronym "S-E-E-D-S" suggests a number of ways of doing exactly that."
To read more about motivational growth S-E-E-D-S, link on over to Management Excellence, Johnny Appleseed Style.
And while there, see what else Bernie's got going on at

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