Monday, November 30, 2009

Selected GGCI Tweets from November 2009

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For the uninitiated, Twitter is like a "micro-blog" service where each individual "tweet" is limited to a maximum length of 140 characters.

While most of my "tweets" are parts of conversations with others, here are some from November 2009 that stand alone:

(You'll note that several tweets include a word, or phrase starting with a "hash-tag" or #. These are user-defined categories that people use when tweeting.)

  1. #MorningThought: What makes a #Haiku / so much fun for me is that / syllables matter!
  2. #Leadership: What loose ends need to be taken care of today?
  3. #Distinction: Practicing meaningful Self-Care is NOT selfish. Indeed, it's much EASIER to help others once our own needs are met.
  4. #CoachingAssmt: Ask several people you know to use three words to describe you. Like what you're hearing?! Recognize yourself?!
  5. #CoachingQ: What's something you're UNwilling to change? How might your reluctance be making things *worse* than you realize?!
  6. #CoachingQ: What decision have you been avoiding lately? What's stopping you from just deciding already?
  7. A busy Monday makes this a good #quote: "Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." -Goethe
  8. #CoachingQ: What is consistently available to you when you're at your best that isn't always when you're not?
  9. #CoachingQ: If you got what you said you wanted & needed, what would that give you that you don't already have?
  10. I've found that #Leadership Excellence is typically one-part title, three-parts foresight, and a dash-and-a-half of tenacity.
  11. #CoachingQ: What options can you create for yourself in this situation?
  12. #CoachingQ: What is working? What is not? What frees you up? What overly complicates things? What can you do about some of that?
  13. #Leadership Tip: Ask people to repeat back your instructions - so you can compare what they 'heard' w/what you meant ... & adjust
  14. #Paradox: "Striving for something better" versus "accepting what is"
  15. #MorningThought: On this Thanksgiving Day, allow yourself to feel the gratitude that others have for YOU. You matter, too!
  16. I came to Twitter / to see what it was about. / Found community! #Haiku #Thanksgiving
  17. #MorningThought: Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn't mean we should stop giving thanks.
  18. How "Great/full" was *your* Thanksgiving?!
  19. A key to success in both #leadership and #life is this whole gratitude thing - but not just on some Thursday in November - 24x7.
  20. What a lot of executives don't get about #leadership is that it's not just a title, it's a responsibility.
  21. People often ask me what GGCI stands for - it's GottaGettaCoach!, Inc.
  22. The Responsibility of #leadership is about "making good things happen sooner" while helping people grow. BOTH are required.
  23. It is irresponsible, in my view, to ignore the employee growth side of the #leadership equation, even temporarily.
  24. The Responsibility of #leadership extends into all circumstances - not just the convenient ones.
  25. Executives are not excused from their Responsibility of #leadership just because they're "too busy" or working on something else.
  26. Executives who say they're "too busy" to honor the Responsibility of #leadership likely have poor delegation skills.

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