Friday, November 13, 2009

RockStarLeader Guest Post #2: Rock Star Leadership in the Key of … “See”

My newest guest post at the Rock Star Leader blog was published today. Titled, Rock Star Leadership In the Key of … “See”, it looks at what music can really teach a leader about how to be a Rock Star Leader:
"So can music really teach a leader how to be a Rock Star Leader?!
"Well, let’s see what M-U-S-I-C has to offer:
  • "M reminds us to always strive to Motivate Others. As a Rock Star Leader, it’s not just about helping others to raise their game when it’s convenient, or when you feel like it. It’s about ever-being the role model, the one others look up to, and the one who doesn’t just play the (Leadership) music, but someone who understands the (Leadership) music – and can explain it to others in increasingly powerfully engaging and relevant ways.

  • “U” suggests we always Utilize our Resources. A Rock Star Leader knows who’s good at what, who likes doing what, and how to those very skillful (and willful) people to stop what they’re working on, and willingly do what the Rock Star Leader needs done.
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