Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Selected GGCI Tweets from September 2009

For the uninitiated, Twitter is "a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices." Twitter is like a "micro-blog" service where each individual "tweet" is limited to a maximum length of 140 characters.

Some terminology:
  • RT -- This stands for "re-tweet" and indicates a re-posting of someone else's tweet.
  • @ -- This is a public message to someone, via Twitter, that anyone can view. It's typically in response to something that someone's already tweeted about themselves.
  • # -- This is a hash-tag, or user-defined categorization label.
  • -- Because every character counts, these are fully-functioning URL hyperlinks that have been shortened, or 'trimmed'.

Here, then, are some of my tweets from September 2009:

  1. RT @tonyrobbins: "Put your guts on the line on every day and your dream will come to life" Tony Robbin
  2. “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.” Albert Einstein
  3. Paradox: Why is it that when someone says they're 50% done with a task it usually means they've got about 90% left to do?!
  4. Part 1 of Jan Carlzon quote: "An individual without information cannot take responsibility..."
  5. Part 2 o f Jan Carlzon quote: "... an individual who is given information cannot help but take responsibility."
  6. "Chance favors those in motion." - James H. Austin (thanks, Molly!)
  7. Coaching Q: Are you on good terms with your conscience?! What is it asking you to do that you're not?
  8. True Professionalism = Doing the things you *don't* want to do with as much zeal as the things you *do* want to do.
  9. Day baseball is great / Even with the #Cubs trailing / Still, a few runs please?! #haiku
  10. Coach's Creed: Always get permission BEFORE giving an executive Unsolicited Feedback. Don't just assume you've already got it.
  11. “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr. Suess
  12. Try this: Do the first few things you do as s-l-o-w as possible & then notice how much faster your 'fast' becomes
  13. Rephrasing the Architect: Our self-talk is simultaneously the source of our greatest strength & greatest weakness. What say you?!
  14. Coaching Q: What one thought could you carry around with you today to *dramatically* increase your impact?
  15. Coaching Q: What one THING could you do before the end of the week that would make a true difference? What's another *one thing*?
  16. Morning Thought: "If you ain't living it, it won't come out of our horn." - Charlie Parker
  17. RT @darrenhicks The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground. -- Author Unknown > @ggci adds: To the acorn in all of us!
  18. Have you sufficiently looked after yourself today? If not, make a point of doing so tomorrow.
  19. Yesterday's Thought: "Have you sufficiently looked after yourself today? If not, make a point of doing so tomorrow." Well, it's tomorrow!
  20. (Capital L) Leaders don't just do what they MUST, they do what makes SENSE. What makes sense for YOU to do today?
  21. Quirky and clever. RT @duhism: I'm writing something for Buddhists who want to improve their lives. It's a no-self-help book.
  22. Morning Thought: People who live in aluminum houses shouldn't throw can openers
  23. On Silence. Nice. RT @thomasjwest: "A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." ~Leopold Stokowski
  24. Coaching Q: So, what's your plan for impressing the world - and, more importantly, *yourself* - today?
  25. RT @yokoono: Listen to the sound of the fire burning in the center of the Earth. It is the same as the beautiful fire you carry inside you
  26. RT @funnyoneliners: Do the other trees wish the weeping willow would just get over it already?
  27. Afternoon check-in: So, that plan for impressing the world - and *yourself* - today? How's that going?! Well, I hope.
  28. #CoachingQ: How can you, sometime today, show the very special people in your life just how very special they are to you?
  29. Coaching Q: How sharp is your edge today? Try using it to cut open a pesky problem you've got and see what you can make of it.
  30. Distinction: Easy ≠ Unimportant - Know that just because something is EASY for you doesn't mean it's automatically UNIMPORTANT.

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