Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All Things Can Be All Things was driving east on a really nice 2-lane road the other day when I found myself behind a slow-moving 18-wheeler. Because the road was both narrow and winding, my field of vision was pretty much limited to the semi's 'back end'. It got me to thinking how sometimes our best move is to simply follow. And so I did.

I cruised along like -- without being able to see much of anything -- this for about a mile or so. It was very relaxing, actually. Until, the truck I was following suddenly veered off the road and onto the gravel shoulder! Oh my.

Everything ended up okay: There was no other traffic on the road; the truck driver quickly regained control and eased back onto the pavement. And I was at a safe enough distance behind, all the while, to "steer clear," so to speak.

I couldn't help wonder, though, what the moral of this story was supposed to be:

  1. Was it simply the obvious: Don't tale gate?
  2. Was it that sometimes it really IS okay to just be a follower?
  3. Was it that it's good to be vigilant?
  4. Was it that, sometimes, just being a follower is a really bad idea?

How we interpret the things that happen to us, at work and in life, is what defines what happens to us at work and in life. I got a blog post, a surge of adrenaline, a number of interesting perspectives, and an urge to take a more scenic route back home that afternoon out of all this. And on that more scenic route back home, I felt the gratitude for both what did happen that afternoon, and for what didn't! Very nice.

So maybe that's the moral: All things can be all things -- it's how we interpret them that matters most.



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