Friday, November 21, 2003

(Not) Open for Business

Went to the mall today to get a thank you gift for some referred business. It was nice to see the shops all geared up for the holiday shopping season. Possibility was everywhere.

Something else was everywhere, too, though - store clerks everywhere were talking on their cellphones! I can't tell you how many different places I saw this.

Now I realize that Friday morning isn't a peak shopping time and the mall WAS pretty empty. But that just made it worse. I'd walk into an empty store and find the lone sales clerk talking on the phone. The thing was, I needed some help finding a suitable gift to buy. But in each store, I couldn't even establish eye contact with the clerk. They were seemingly too deep into their phone conversations to bother with me!

"Excuse me, but I need some help."

The more common response I got was "Sure, hang on a sec" (to ME they said that), but a close runner-up was no response at all, just that blank stare someone gives you when they don't really see you at all because they're so intent on what they're hearing through the telephone.

It was all very disheartening. And what made it worse, was that the clerks that DID end their call to help me were of no help at all. They just said things like, "Why don't you just look around," or "We don't have anything like that," or some other dismissive comment.

Now I don't think it's me. I mean I was ready to buy. But they weren't anywhere near ready to sell. And I couldn't help wonder what the boss would say if he or she knew this was going on. Until, that is, I entered a cute little import store where the owner was ... can you guess ... talking on her cellphone!

So I left. Without a gift. And without that wonderful feeling of possibility. Well at least I got an blog entry out of it!


Thursday, November 13, 2003

How to Choose a Life Coach

Just added this to the life coach section of GottaGettaCoach! website. Maybe worth a look-see.


Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Getting Unmet Needs Met

This, in a nutshell, is much of what's need to lead a happy, healthy, successful life. The thing that makes people 'nutty,' if you pardon the continued metaphor, is that they all-too-often try to get their Unmet Needs met in the wrong places, like the workplace.

Let it be known that your place of work is NOT the place to get most of your Unmet Needs met.

Got an Unmet Need for RECOGNITION? Instead of trying to grandstand at work, why not spend some quality time with your kids instead?

Got an Unmet Need for APPRECIATION? Instead of trying to hog the credit at work, why not do some volunteering, or be particularly kind to a store clerk instead?

Got an Unmet Need for POWER AND CONTROL? Instead of trying to boss everyone around at work, why not pick up a challenging hobby that you can master, or do some exercising?

Got an Unmet Need TO BE RIGHT? Instead of making others wrong at work, why not do crossword puzzle, or buy your significant other a nice little gift?

Got an Unmet Need to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION? Instead of spending countless hours mindlessly chatting with coworkers, why not get a puppy or cat, or host a party instead?

The less you use your workplace as a place to get your Unmet Needs met, the easier it will be to do a better job - with less stress and strain. So the next time you feeling out-of-sorts, do these three steps:

(1) Figure out what Unmet Need of yours ISN'T being met.
(2) Name it.
(3) Go do something about it - outside of work, that is.

You'll be glad you did.