Friday, October 13, 2006

No One to Confide In

From the October/November issue of Scientific American Mind comes this:

Confiding in No One - by Brie Finegold - "Newly published analyses of a 2004 survey indicate that Americans' social safety net is shrinking. On average, the 1,467 respondents listed only two-people with whom they discuss important matters. In 1985 a similar mix of volunteers answering a comparable large survey reported an average of three confidants.

"Also surprising: The most frequently reported number of confidants was zero, rather than three in 1985. Principal investigator Lynn Smith-Lovin, professor of sociology at Duke University, speculates that recent increases in time spent at work and frequent changes of residency could explain this striking change."

Need a confidant? Then maybe YOU GottaGettaCoach!

(Sorry, couldn't resist!)



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