Friday, July 28, 2006

Keyword: Vibrancy

Vibrancy affects how well we do and how positively we are perceived. Compare and contrast:

  • How vibrant are you typically?
  • How vibrant is the work you do?
  • How vibrant is your attitude towards others?
  • How vibrant is your willingness to accept new and varied challenges?
  • How vibrant are you when someone asks you for help?
  • How vibrant are you in unfamiliar circumstances?
  • How vibrant are you when being given 'constructive' criticism?
  • How vibrant are you when you're having the time of your life?
  • How vibrant are you after a major success?
  • How vibrant are you when you're consistently at the top of your game?
Asks the Coach: What's one thing you can easily do in the next 10 minutes to increase your vibrancy? What are three additional things to keep in mind, should you ever need a quick vibrancy acceleration?

Ready - set - go.



Anonymous teho said...

I'm pretty vibrant, not to mention sassy, and that getting in touch with friends that think you're great is a great way to increase vibrancy.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 10:04:00 PM CDT  

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