Friday, June 09, 2006

Sometimes I go too fast

I received a very long, beautiful, and heart-felt email from a woman yesterday. In scanning her email I learned that she'd been going through a very difficult time recently and was looking for ... hoping for ... asking for ... some life coaching. (I get a number of these types of emails from men, too, by the way.)

"I'll re-read this in the morning when I'm fresh and able to reply more thoughtfully," I told myself. And with that, I x'ed out of her email and apparently hit the delete key, too. Because by time morning came - poof! - her email was gone.

She's not heard back from me yet. And she never will. (All of my deleted emails get purged at the end of each day so I have no way to retrieve her email or contact information.) I feel absolutely terrible about that ... and I can't even apologize!

Sometimes Unintended Consequences come from me going too fast.

Thank you, whoever you are, for helping me remember that about myself - you being the one who did the coaching is an irony that's not lost on me!



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