Tuesday, November 15, 2005

An introduction to life coaching

Geoffrey Litwack recently contacted me for an article he was writing about the life of a life coach. He's since uploaded it as a blog posting titled An introduction to life coaching. I think it's a worthwhile read, not just because I was one of the life coaches he interviewed for the piece, but because of how wide-ranging his questions about coaching were. Here's what he asked:
  • How is it that life coaching is what you came to want to do with your life?
  • What goals are your clients typically looking to achieve?
  • How should someone go about choosing a life coach?
  • What is the time and monetary commitment required?
  • Are there any common problems or misunderstandings you run into with new clients?
  • Does any particular theory or philosophy guide your coaching?
  • Do you see coaching as an alternative to therapy? Have you ever coached someone through a time of mental hardship, or worked with a therapist to help a client?
  • Are you comfortable coaching someone via the phone or email, or do you think it’s best to meet in person?
  • What do you consider to be an end point for your coaching of a client?
  • Is the ICF the only coaching organization that matters, or are there others?
  • What is the difference between life coaching and specialty coaching?

You'll have to click to his article for the answers, but if you do, you'll not only get my views, but the views of Dr. Ken Byers, another life coach, as well. I think you'll find it meaningful reading.

Thanks, Geoff.



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